So who the heck am I?  Well some know me as a journalist whose beat is homicide.  I've written and published  many true crime books.  I also write history books.  Just click on any of my bookcovers to order and enjoy.

 I appear on Evil Kin, Evil Twins, Deadly Sins and other Investigation Discovery programs as a commentator.  As a university professor, I taught film at the New York Institute of Technology and journalism at Hofstra University.  I have a Master of Fine Arts in Cinema from USC's legendary film school.

My new book is BAT MASTERSON, THE FIRST DREAMER.  I've been wanting to write a book about him for many years. When I discovered this American legend on a U.S. stamp was an illegal alien, I realized I had a responsibility to tell his whole story, which no one has till now.This is a combination of biography, history and true crime.  Bat was involved in 7 murder cases, including one that became the Trial of the Century.  He really was a combination of The Lone Ranger, Sherlock Holmes and Howard Cosell.  Just click on the link to pre-order reasonably priced  signed copies or ebooks by March 20.

                  These guys are in the book.